I won a V.I.P. movie pass, for 2, in a silent auction at Carlton Cinemas to raise money for The Fresh Air Fund. It wasn’t a particularly charitable act, as it saves me quite a lot compared to what I spend going to the movies otherwise. I’ll still support my favourite theatre through concessions, an easy task since they are fully licensed. I’ll be seeing a ton of movies this year, so I thought this would be a fun way to keep track and hopefully encourage people to use their movie dollars wisely.

I adore movies. My standards are high, but I enjoy all genres and generally consider anything The Carlton plays to be worth watching. My rating system is a 20 point scale with a score given out of 10.  I try to keep the reviews very succinct. If you want a plot summary go to IMDB. While I may seem overly critical, keep in mind that anything I grant a 5 or higher to, should be considered worth a look. Anything 8 or higher is a strong recommendation and a 10 means go out and see it immediately lest you die suddenly and miss your opportunity to experience this film in your lifetime. If I give something less than a 5 it means do not waste your time and money, but I will recommend an alternative that is also currently playing.

If you would like to know more about me, or get in touch please check out www.catbent.com


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