The Boys are back, portraying fictional versions of themselves this time around, as they reboot their careers online. This movie has some important themes of censorship in Canadian media, but the statement -if there is one- gets lost in sub-par sub-plots and forgettable characters. The boys’ banter, Tom Green and special cameos provide some great laughs.



Also Check out- Trailer Park Boys Season 8 on Netflix.

Life Itself

Life Itself

As an autobiography, Life Itself works only if screened for Roger Ebert’s past colleagues and friends at a private tribute. As a biography, director Steve James curiously omits large portions of Ebert’s career, such as the 8 years he reviewed movies with Gene Siskel’s successor, Richard Roeper, and jumps back and forth at strange points in time.

As a love story, both his relationship with Siskel and his wife Chaz Ebert, it’s touching and heart-wrenching. Chaz’s devotion to her husband until the end is agonizingly beautiful.

6.5/10 (Thumbs up!)


Siskel and Ebert, reunited in purgatory. 

The One I Love

The One I Love

It is said that the majority of our dying cells replace themselves and that we are virtually a different person than we were 7-10 years ago. While the legitimacy of this cyber-science tale is debatable, most married couples fondly remember that first impression they had of their partner, and why they fell in love in the first place, and that loving memory can serve to guide a marriage through rockier times. Now what if that memory manifests itself and you find yourself competing with a former, younger and arguably better version of yourself?

Plenty to love here, in this “Twilight-zone” concept film, that is elevated and explored to its potential. It can occasionally feel a tad monotonous, but such is the nature of this film, and of marriage.




As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below

I pride myself on having decent taste in movies. Why is it then, that I continue to drag myself to these “shaky cam/found footage” flicks?  I am pathetically trying to recreate the experience of being a teenager in 1999, when The Blair Witch Project launched this horror sub-genre and gave me goosebumps.

I’m sworn off these movies, until yet another inevitable Paranormal Activity sequel is slopped out this Halloween.

I’ll never learn.



What does Satan use to tune his piano?

A pitch fork!

Cuz, ya know, he’s the devil.

No good?