The Purge

The Purge

Points for purging my mind of Cinemanovels.

Explores some interesting themes, that have been done before, and better. Nothing really shocking here about societal behaviour, and that’s pretty depressing. 



Welcome to The Hunger Ga- I mean The PURGE!



This evening I was contemplating suicide but I decided instead to pick myself up, go out and see Cinemanovels.

It was the wrong choice.


The Scenesters gallery

What are we doing in this film? 

I miss “The L Word”.


See Instead: The Room, it’s bad…but it’s at least entertaining! Screenings at The Carlton every month!

Fading Gigalo

Fading Gigalo

It looks and sounds like a Woody Allen picture, it even co-stars him, but this John Turturro film is just not as sharp. 


Am I selling out or cashing in? Who cares, I’m Woody Allen. 

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 

I’m a sucker for talking apes. There is something intrinsically entertaining about an ape speaking. The screenplay reads like it was written by monkeys however.

Is it worth suffering through trite exposition, horribly rendered CGI (except for the apes, which look pretty fantastic) and Felicity for monkeys with machine guns on horseback?




Where do apes go to get drunk?

The Monkey Bars!

The Double

The Double

Based off the Dostoevsky novella, The Double envelops you into a disturbing, Orwellian-like dystopia. Despite the abstractness and slow pace, it works as an oddly charming comedy.

The acting, score, sound design, cinematography and lighting are all remarkable achievements. Films like this are a testament to literary adaptations done correctly.


Hey– He’s not washing his hands…

They Came Together

They Came Together

I fully expected this to be terrible and was looking so forward to writing a delightfully snide review. Something akin to “They Came Together falls apart”.

And then Paul Rudd’s face happened.

This is a excellent spoof of romantic comedies that far exceeds the various Scary Movie style spoofs that killed the genre. With a talented cast,  non-specific film references and absurd humour, this is an Airplane quality spoof. It’s thankfully self-aware and the best jokes are surprisingly subtle, even hidden.

They Came Together is not for everyone. If you are lactose intolerant in the cinematic sense, you will not appreciate the ratio of cheese to wit.



We see you there…being all in on the joke and smart and stuff.